Exhibition Equipment Hire
JS Exhibitions can provide you with all your exhibition setup needs.

This includes :
> Carpet
> Corinthian Panels
> Modular Aluminum Panelling (compatable with Octanorm)
> Switchboards
> Lighting and
> Furniture

You will be pleasantly surprised by our price, service and "Can Do" attitude.
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Event Buggy Hire
Do you have people or goods that you need to move around during event?
Is noise an issue? Is it inside?
These buggies are 100 % full electric operation so they are silent and have no emissions.
They have a 35 km range and will recharge overnight from a standard powerpoint!

Only 1.20meters wide, these vehicles are able to access many narrow walkways, driving between bollards, industrial doors and many fixed obstacles. With the steel tray with flip seat, it will carry any selected loads and then convert to a 4 seat people transport vehicle in 30 seconds. All the vehicles come with a roof and mirrors.
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